After signing to Sparrow Heart Records in 2022, Sarah Halter follows up A Clockwork Destiny, a two-song single released in 2021, with a completely self-produced, self-performed, and self-recorded four-song EP -The Doom That Binds Us.

Teaming up again with Matt Very of Very Tight Recordings for mixing and mastering, Sarah utilizes a modern metal sound that draws influence from progressive, alternative, symphonic, and death metal that brings a fresh approach to songwriting and musicianship in the metal world.

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LATEST Release - The Doom That Binds Us

A Clockwork Destiny

Sarah Halter

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Released October 29, 2021

Guitar, clean and distorted vocals, bass, and synth all performed and recorded by Sarah Halter Lyrics written by Sarah Halter Drums performed and recorded by Daniel Stephens (agent57music) Mixed and Mastered by Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings

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Photos - Photographer - Amanda Baker - Cellardoor Studio

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Logo Artist - Maxwell Aston

Logo Artist - Maxwell Aston

Album Artist - Hannah Halter-Haring

Album Artist - Hannah Halter-Haring


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